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Thank you for stopping by our website. We hope you will find lots of interesting information about the charity and the animals we are currently taking care of.


Also you should not use a wireless fence with munchkin cats because they are too small and fragile for those fences.


The pages contain images and detailed information about the animals and our work. This website was made by one of our volunteers, who was so helpful. Thank you.


We are an animal rescue center, located in Romania (Braila city). For about 7 years now we have been taking care of homeless animals, providing them shelter, food, medical care and love, and we actively involved ourselves in finding them loving families. All this time we managed to support ourselves. Although at times it was difficult, our love for dogs and cats, true friends of man, kept us going. That was, is, and will be very rewarding. However, due to the recent financial crisis we find ourselves in the situation that it becomes almost impossible to provide basic needs for the animals we rescue, so a friend of ours came up with the idea to raise funds through charity.


Hoping that we find other people like us, that understand our work and share the love for this lovely and innocent creatures, your support will be of much help and most welcomed.


For any questions feel free to contact us. Also we are opened for any ideas, advise and support. You can help us by donating money, (as much or as little as you can, it will make a difference), time, encouragements, spreading the word.